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Responsibilities And Duties Of Dentists

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Most of the people know and acknowledge the importance of oral health. It is often neglected and many and brushing hardly for 3 minutes once a day is considered to be plenty. But in reality, oral hygiene is much more than roughly brushing once a day. It means to take good care of teeth as well as gums and tongue. Flossing should also be made a regular task of daily routine. Making sure that all the nook and crannies are clean and clear after a flossing session not only promotes oral health but also gives satisfaction. Seldom do people neglect oral health and then look out for good dentists in chatswood so that the issues can be fixed. Oral issues are often very difficult to locate, diagnose and treat. Only a competent dentist can effectively give treatment to a patient suffering from oral issues.

Dentists are often considered to be lazy doctors. It is a general view that dentists don’t have much work to do and they often get away with doing less work but charging high fees. This concept is very wrong and based on wrong beliefs. There are certain duties and responsibilities that a dentist fulfills and they are mentioned below.

  • Diagnosing

The very first thing dentists have to do is to give a thorough check-up to the patient and go to the root cause of the pain and discomfort. Patient often arrives at the dentist complaining of pain and discomfort but they have no idea where the pain is coming from and what is the cause of it. Dentists locate the culprit and diagnose the patient at the very first appointment.

  • Treatment

Diagnosing the root cause of pain and discomfort is the first step and treating it is the second step in the diagnosis. Dentists discuss different treatments with patients exploring different options and see which one is the most suitable for the patient. Some deciding factors can be the cost of treatment, the treatment method, and loss or extraction of teeth. It is the dentist’s responsibility to discuss the best possible treatment of the patient’s issue and see if they are possible and comfortable with it.

  • Oral health and hygiene

Sometimes people go to a dentist not when they have pain or issue, just because they are concerned about their oral health. It is also a dentist’s responsibility to educate its patients about oral health and hygiene. The patients can explore different cosmetic and beautifying procedures such as closing the gaps, straitening the teeth, whitening procedures, etc.

  • Payment plans

It is a general concept that dental procedures are often quite expensive and this is rightfully so. Dentists are notorious for charging extremely high fees because the treatments are such that they cost a lot. Many dentists provide payment plans based on installments to their patients so that they can easily afford the treatments.


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