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The human body structure is a blessing of creatures. He carved the man with proper functionality. His art is flawless and unparalleled. Now, it is the homage of the human how he cares about his body functionality. In this section, we will discuss teeth and their relative treatments.


The teeth are a crucial value as they proffer a beautiful smile and form the shape of the face. The teeth proffer the services regarding ingesting and digestion of the food. The food is chewed by the molars. The molars and premolars grind the food into small pieces and proffer more surface area for the enzyme activity. The maximum surface area activates the functionality of the enzymes and aid indigestion. The smile with clean, and healthy teeth proffer confidence to the personality. The proper care is requisite to maintain the beauty and health of the teeth. The cleaned teeth reduce the risk of several diseases.  One must have to brush the teeth otherwise the tartar invades the root canal of the tooth.

Component of tooth:

  • The tooth is not only a single bone but is the amalgam of the layers that protect the root canal of the tooth. The tooth comprises layers of enamel, dentin, cemented, and pulp.
  • The enamel is the outer layer of the tooth. It is the crown of the tooth. It is strong enough that manoeuver the biting pressure.
  • The centum is present beneath the enamel and it is much softer. It covers the root of the tooth. These contain the fibres and attach them to the alveolar bone of the teeth.
  • Next is the pulp. It may contain nerve cells and blood capillaries. It is further divided into two sects, the pulp chamber, and the pulp canal. If this area is exposed then the bacteria may invade the root of the tooth and may cause swelling. It is really painful and the patient has to visit the orthodontic clinic.

Diseases related to the tooth:

A visit to an orthodontic clinic is the basic requirement of keeping healthy. Whenever we eat the foodstuff rich in carbohydrates, may gather at the tooth as plaque. The plaque is a yellowish material that if it is not properly cleaned, is converted into tartar. The tartar, as it is blended with bacteria with a couple of the days when moves to the digestive tract with the food causes a number of the diseases such as gastrointestinal tract disorders and even cardiovascular disorders. The bacteria that are present in the tartar may clot the blood and spread the number of diseases related to cardiac failure. A good orthodontist proffers the services in this regard in a more appropriate manner.

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